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Welcome to the Joy of Junk!

Sell Out

Bang On! have written a 50 minute theatre show called The Joy of Junk.
This was performed throughout August 2007 at The Edinburgh Festival with a few preview shows around the country beforehand. The Show is a mixture of explorations of sounds, objects and colourful visuals, high-energy drumming & intricate rhythms - a complete treat for the eyes and ears! See below for reviews...

The duo are currently working on new material, watch this space for further details!

Bang On! also put on junk percussion workshops in Edinburgh, for all ages from 5 to 105... "a superb example of how to get kids involved in constructive noise-making" **** The Herald


"...both a hoot and enormously clever" - The Scotsman

"A real treat" *****The Independent



**** The Edinburgh Evening News

"The sheer talent involved is extraordinary" - Three Weeks

"Absolutely Bang On!" **** The Herald

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