Bang On! are an energetic junk percussion duo who, using a giant homemade drum kit, play funky beats and rhythmic treats. Because they appeal to so many people Bang On! are suitable for any occasion or venue from festivals and nightclubs to parties and special occasions. Having already performed worldwide and extensively throughout Great Britain at various events Bang On! have a variety of shows to suit any occasion. Please see below:

The Joy of Junk

The 50 min sell-out theatre show - click here for more details


For information on corporate, school, and family workshops please see the workshops page.

The Street Show

Up to 25 mins of percussive mayhem that can be (and has been) performed anywhere!

(Weddings, Parties, Festivals, Schools, Pubs & Clubs, TV & Radio, The Roundhouse, The Astoria, Europe and the Far East to name but a few...!)

The Human Drum Kit

In conjunction with the above and featured briefly in The Joy of Junk this is a 20 minute interactive session where everyone joins in. Needs a minimum of 15 participants (any age!)